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Major: English, Psychology

College/Employer: BC

Year of Graduation: 2019

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Resiliency and Self-Care in Splash Spring 2017
The Resiliency and Self-Care course covers some essential bases required to live a happy and healthy life. We believe that a course such as this one should be required of all students throughout different stages of life. This course allows for introspection that can help students to have a greater awareness and ability to navigate through their everyday lives. By analyzing hobbies, friends, family, values, etc. and by learning skills to help carry students through their days, they find that they are better able to manage negative emotions and challenging experiences, coming out ontop resiliently.

Fuel Your Body in Splash Spring 2017
This course covers the basic nutritional needs required for all individuals. We will delve into the material utilizing specific formulas to calculate exact requirements for individuals. Using the MyPlate icon we will do some meal planning that can be taken home and applied to everyday life. In addition, we will cover what each nutrient does for our bodies and approximate how much we should be consuming of each. We will cover serving sizes of certain food items and hacks to recognizing a serving size as such. In a country where underrating and overeating are both prevalent, it is important for all to know what appropriate and healthy eating looks like and consists of. In completing this course, students will better be able to care for themselves and for others they care about nutritionally.