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Major: Pre-Med/ Economics

College/Employer: BC

Year of Graduation: 2019

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Past Classes

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Photoshop 101 in Splash Spring 2018
Ever wanted to get rid of that one pimple? Or maybe make that cool fantasy landscape you picture in your head? Come learn the basics of Photoshop and how to make cool effects on your photos!

iChill: Stress Management in Splash Spring 2018
Is stress getting to you? Would you like to take control of it? Come learn from a trained and certified health coach (and fellow stressed person) about what stress is, and positive coping strategies like mindfulness and cognitive restructuring, to tackle your stress!

The Big Bad World of Bats! in Splash Spring 2018
Did you know that bats are your main reason for bananas? Did you know that only the vampire bat can walk? Did you know that bats are an amazing critter that you should learn about? Stop on in to learn about the cool contributions that bats make to our world and why they're so important to preserve!

CV? What's a CV? in Splash Spring 2017
What's the difference between a Resume and a CV? What even is a CV? How long is that supposed to be? What's a cover letter? What do you put in a Resume? Had any of these questions? We'll answer them and more with tips and tricks to how we write Resumes and CVs for any situation, high school or college!

The Art of Public Speaking-Say what you mean, mean what you say in Splash Spring 2016
Like the sound of your voice? Forgot what your voice sounded like? Either way, we will be exploring the tricks and tips to the art of public speaking. Come hear a forensicator (competitive public speaking- not dead bodies) and constitutional debater tell you how we deal with stage-fright, the loss of words and feeling comfortable being an idiot on stage. You might even get to practice a bit ;)

What the heck is a Koolakamba? in Splash Spring 2016
Well friend, a Koolakamba is a cryptid. Cryptids are a term used in cryptozoology to refer to a creature whose existence has been suggested but has never been given scientific credit. You don't have to believe in them, but it's always interesting to explore the histories and different forms of weird critters supposedly walking the Earth. Such entities include chupacabras, Bigfoot, Yeti, the Mokele Mmembe and the Loch Ness Monster.

The Companions Behind The Doctor in Splash Fall 2015
Who are you in Doctor Who? Did you know that Doctor Who is the longest running television series in history? This class will explore the social implications of the Doctor's companions. Our main focus will be on the relationships between the companions and the Doctor as well as the message each companion's personality says about real life relationships. The class will have video clips and presentation, but we hope to also engage anyone attending in a fantastic dialogue. Stop on by and let your inner geek out!