Splash is a low-commitment, high-reward volunteer opportunity that allows you to teach courses that you really care about. It is very important to us that not only do our students enjoy the program, but that our teachers do as well! Our parent organization is “Education for Students by Students,” and that is the main idea of our program. You may have also heard that our teachers can teach anything they want - and that’s absolutely true! We want you to be genuinely interested in the topic you’re teaching, and really want to share it with your students.

In addition, teaching isn’t as scary as it might seem! A large portion of our teachers every year are first-timers, and our teacher training is designed to give you all of the information you need to be successful. Your class can be designed however you’d like. In the past, we’ve had successful courses that are solely lecture-based, game-based courses, juggling courses, and courses with hands-on activities. You are also allowed to request materials you might need to teach your course, and generally the limit is $20-$30, with some exceptions. We have a wide variety of materials on hand already, so if you want to know if something might be available, you can always ask us!

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