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Boston College Splash!

What is Boston College Splash?

BC Splash is a 1-day event that happens each semester at Boston College which offers a wide variety of courses to middle and high school students, all taught and designed by undergraduate and graduate students! Students can choose from a wide range of classes, anything from Forensic Science, to Global Public Health Issues, and even the History of Ice Cream! 

Our goal is to build a love of learning, teaching, and curiosity in everyone that comes through BC Splash. We want to excite young people about a diversity of topics, help further their curiosity for learning, and support them in developing their passions. Students get to explore topics not typically discussed in traditional classrooms, discover new career opportunities, and become tomorrow's leaders.

With our undergraduate teachers, we want to encourage them to look deeper into topics that interest them and help them develop an appreciation for the things outside of the classroom that matter too. The teachers have the opportunity to give back to their community by sharing what they love as they sharpen the skills that they will use after college. We want to encourage everyone in our program to explore the things that they are curious about, build a greater appreciation for the learning process, and be inspired to chase their passions!

Who can participate?
Students in grades 6-12 can sign up for classes and attend the event. To learn more about attending, check out the Student tab at the top of the website. Undergraduate and graduate students volunteer to design and teach the classes! To learn more about teaching, check out the Teachers tab at the top of the website.

The Splash program takes place in Stokes South Hall on Boston College's main campus. For parking we recommend either street parking or in one of the two garages on BC's campus. Follow the map below for directions.

Any questions? Send an e-mail to our team at bcsplash@gmail.com or check out our FAQ page!