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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is Splash this semester?
BC Splash will be on April 6th.

Q: What should I bring with me to BC Splash?
That is a great question! Students only need to bring a signed liability form and a great attitude! You should dress for the weather, as you may have to walk outside between classes!

Q: What type of classes are taught?
At BC Splash we strive to keep our classes as exciting, interesting, and educational as possible. We pride ourselves on the variety and creativity of the classes that our undergraduates put together. If you would like to see a sampling of the variety and kinds of classes presented, take a look at the Spring 2018 course catalog here.

Q: Where do I park or drop off my child for BC Splash?
Parking for Splash will be in the Commonwealth Avenue Garage. There will be a banner on the front of the garage that says "BC Splash Parking." Please be aware that there is generally a $5 exit fee for the garage. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to alleviate this. Once in the parking garage, you can take the elevator to the 7th level and then take a left to get to middle campus. If you want to drop off your student, you can do so on Linden Lane, the main gate to Boston College's campus by Gasson Hall, from there the student will be able to walk directly to Fulton Hall for check-in.
Helpful Hints for Finding Boston College:
1) Make sure to put in 140 Commonwealth Ave. Newton, MA in a GPS. Boston College is, ironically, not located in downtown Boston but in the city of Newton.
2) If you are googling directions, make sure to distinguish between Boston College and our neighbor down the street Boston University. Occasionally this has been an issue with attendees from out of state.

Q: Where does my child check-in for Splash?
Check-in is located in the Honors Library right inside the front doors of Fulton Hall on Boston College's Chestnut Hill Campus. There will be large signs that say "BC Splash" leading up to Fulton Hall as well as signs in the front of all of the buildings that Splash is using for the event. Fulton Hall can be found up the hill from the entrances to both Parking garages. If you can't find it, just ask! Students in BC Splash t-shirts will be around all day and anyone on BC's campus will know where Fulton is. At check-in, you will receive a folder with your personalized schedule, a handout of logistical information, and a campus made specifically for this BC Splash event.

Q: Do I have to pay for lunch?
Lunch is provided by BC Splash. Students will have the option of the pizza, to pack their own lunch, or to purchase lunch from McElroy dining hall on campus. Lunch at McElroy should be $7 - $10.

Q: What's the deal with cancelled classes?
Unfortunately, some classes do end up cancelled with fairly short notice. This happens for a number of reasons, ranging from low enrollment to an unexpected commitment on the part of the teacher. We make every effort not to cancel classes recklessly and to alert students ahead of time when we have to cancel a class. When you check-in, we have a problem-solving table to help you get into a new class if one of yours is canceled the morning of Splash, you can also add more classes or make changes to your schedule at the problem-solving table throughout the day.

Q: What can parents do during BC Splash?
Just as parents cannot go to college with the students, they cannot go to Splash classes either! But, you can attend the next best thing! We offer a program for parents who want to stick around campus. Our Parent Programs include admissions and financial aid presentations, sample splash classes, student panels, and a campus tours! The full schedule will be available at Check In and the Splash Team members will be available to answer all of your questions.

Q: Who teaches the BC Splash classes?
All the classes offered at BC Splash are taught and designed by the fantastic undergraduate and graduate students of Boston College!

Q: What do the different colored t-shirts mean?
That's a great question! Here's the rundown.
Purple t-shirts are Splash board members. These 13 students plan the event starting at the beginning of the semester.
Blue t-shirts are the teachers. These are the students that are in the classroom with your child teaching them all the great material you learn in Splash classes.
Black t-shirts are general volunteers. They are great for directions or helping you check-in or deal with a cancelled class.
Red t-shirts are Splash Leaders. They will be leading small groups as well as games in the quad throughout the day. Looking for someone to talk to? Look no further than a red t-shirt.

Do you have more questions?
E-mail us or find someone in a purple t-shirt on the day of Splash! We're happy to help you with anything you might need.

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