How can I be involved with BC Splash!

Boston College undergraduate and graduate students get to design and teach a 50-minute class at our 1-day event each semester. Your class can be about almost anything: hobbies, academic interests, sports, and the list goes on. You can co-teach a class with a friend too! 

What is the time commitment?

In total, teaching a BC Splash class is a minimal time commitment of a 1-hour training prior to the event, the time it takes you to prepare your class, and the 1 hour it takes you to teach it!

How do I register?

You can register your course by going to Register under Teachers on the left side menu. Sign into your account (or create one if you haven't taught before), select your availabilities for the day of BC Splash, and then give us the details of your class! You can also check out this how-to guide for teacher registration
If you're having difficulty coming up with a subject or topic, get some inspiration from last semester's course catalog or email us at!

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