Nicolas (Nic) Buonanduci, Co-Director: Hi! I am a third-year pre-law student studying hispanic literature, U.S. history, and faith/peace/justice studies here at BC. I’ve previously studied and interned at the Universidad de Salamanca, Spain, and the University College Cork School of Law, Ireland. Besides immigration law, I have an interest in second language acquisition, and I am in the process of becoming TEFL certified. I started with Splash as a leader and a teacher, then I worked on the Parent Program as an eboard member, and now I am one of two co-directors. I will continue as co-director until graduation in 2019, and my mission is to make registration easier for students and teachers, to increase public knowledge about Splash, and to strengthen the program overall.

Cassie Gaff, Co-Director: Hi! Originally from the middle of nowhere Indiana, I'm a current senior at Boston College, studying English and Communication with a minor in Inclusive Education. However, my true love lies with Disney. My first Splash class that I taught was a Disney trivia class that I still teach every semester. I joined the executive board the fall of my sophomore year and became co-director my junior year. While my time with Splash is sadly limited, I am looking forward to continuing what first lead me to Splash, my love of Disney. I hope to be working at Walt Disney World with the Disney College Program for the year after I graduate. My last Splash event will be this Spring and I hope to see you there!

Becky McGeorge, Media / Design: I am a junior studying economics, the medical humanities and prehealth medical track. I am from Metro Detroit, Michigan. I love taking photographs, public speaking, and Splash! During the day-of, you can often find me teaching, taking photographs or interviewing students and teachers about what they love about our program.

Caroline Kupersmith, Leader Team: My name is Caroline Kupersmith and I am a senior at Boston College studying Applied Psychology with minors in Managing for Social Impact and Management and Leadership. I first participated in Boston College Splash my junior year by teaching a class on the Life of Kanye West. I really enjoyed interacting with my students and decided to become further involved with the program by joining the Executive Board this year. I will be teaching another class on pop culture titled "The Kardashians: The Power of Social Media" as well as a class on dinosaurs. I look forward to meeting this year's class of BC Splash students!

Lizzie Kopec: Hi! My name is Lizzie Kopec and I am the Co-President of Education for Students by Students. I am a senior from Ridgewood, New Jersey majoring in economics and minoring in mathematics. I have been involved with Splash since my freshman year. I started as a leader, then became a teacher of "The Art of Tie-Dye," "Abnormal Psychology and its Representations in Modern Television Shows," and "The Economics of Dating." I was Treasurer and on the Merchandise/Event team last year and am enjoying teaching and leading again this year. I am looking forward to my last Splash this spring!

Marissa Hollyer, Leader Team:

Caroline DeLuca, Student Team: Hey, I'm Caroline! I have taught for Splash for 3 semesters and am now joining the executive board on the student team. I'm currently a junior at BC who is working for a double-major in Psychology and English. I have spent most of my life in the state of Vermont and love to run, read, and cook in my free time. My dream is to become an elementary education teacher. I am truly passionate about bettering the lives and minds of young people. My zeal for this field comes from the joy that children bring to my own life-- the reward is truly like no other. I want to work in helping to close the education gap and enable prospering and agency for all. I feel that everyone has something to offer and I'd love to bring those aspects out of every child I encounter and work with.

Julianna Marandola, Student Recruitment Team:

Robert Leahy, Teacher Team / Parent Program:

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