Our board is entirely made up of undergraduate students. While we have help from Boston College faculty and the Office of Student Involvement, the current board members run the event day-of and will be the ones to answer any questions you might have.

If you have any specific questions for any of us, feel free to email bcsplash@gmail.com, and we'll make sure that particular board member gets back to you!

Marissa Hollyer, Splash Co-Director** Hi everyone! I'm a senior studying Biology. I love teaching at Splash, and I've taught classes including "Genetics and Genomics", "Cell Biology", and "Environmental Science 101". I currently work in a microbiology lab studying S. pneumoniae bacteria, and I'm planning to attend graduate school to become a genetic counselor. You can find me during day-of teaching classes, checking students in, and all over Fulton making sure everything runs smoothly!

Elizabeth Coughlin, Sub-Director: I am currently a junior pre-law student at Boston College studying English and Psychology with a minor in Philosophy. I have been involved with BC Splash since my freshman year, first as a teacher then as a member of the e-board. Previously, I have worked on the Teacher and Student Recruitment Teams and am now excited to help plan the Parent Program this year!

Dylan Heberle, Sub-Director: I am a junior studying Economics and Finance. I have been involved with BC Splash as a teacher and I look forward to being a member of the e-board this semester!

Becky McGeorge, Media/Design: I am a senior studying economics, the medical humanities and prehealth medical track. I am from Metro Detroit, Michigan. I love taking photographs, public speaking, and Splash! During the day-of, you can often find me teaching, taking photographs or interviewing students and teachers about what they love about our program.

Caroline DeLuca, Student Team: Hey, I'm Caroline! I have taught for Splash for 5 semesters and am now on the executive board as a part of the student team. I'm currently a senior at BC who is working for a double-major in Psychology and English. I have spent most of my life in the state of Vermont and love to run, read, and cook in my free time. My dream is to become an elementary education teacher and I have just accepted a job for after graduation doing just that. I am truly passionate about bettering the lives and minds of young people. My zeal for this field comes from the joy that children bring to my own life-- the reward is truly like no other.

Adam Martin


Nicolas (Nic) Buonanduci, Splash Co-Director — Graduated May 2019

Cassie Gaff, Splash Co-Director, ESS Co-President—Graduated May 2018

Lizzie Kopec, Splash Executive Board Member, ESS Co-President—Graduated May 2018

Caroline Kupersmith, Leader Team—Graduated May 2018

Robert Leahy, Teacher Team / Parent Program—Graduated May 2018

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