BC Splash's Executive Board is entirely made up of Boston College students, who have experience teaching and love Splash! While we have help from Boston College faculty and the Office of Student Involvement, the current board members run the entire event and will be the ones to answer any questions you might have!

Niklas Simonsen, Co-President
I'm Niklas Simonsen and I'm a junior at BC majoring in International Relations and minoring in Leadership and Management. I am from Riverside CT and grew up going to SPLASH programs in CT so becoming a part of BC SPLASH team was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. Some of the classes I have taught are A History of Sneakers, Is Ignorance Bliss?, and Intro to International Relations.

Zarah Lakhani, Co-President

I'm Zarah, a junior at Boston College! I'm from Long Island, NY and miss the beaches at home so much! I'm studying Elementary Education and Transformative Education in BC's Lynch School of Education. One of my favorite classes that I taught was Painting Away the Pain, as it brought together two of my passions, social justice and painting.

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