How Can I Participate in BC Splash?

We're so glad you asked! While you can't officially register to help out with Splash until the Spring, here's a quick list of the different ways to help us put on the event.

Apply to be on our E-Board

The Splash E-Board consists of the directors and a dedicated team of students who meet throughout the semester to plan the event. Applications for the Splash E-Board will be open after this semester's Splash. E-mail us at for more information. To become a member of the BC Splash E-Board, you must have taught at least one class for BC Splash in the past or been a Splash Leader.

Teach a Splash Class

Splash would be nothing without the teachers! Teacher registration for our Fall 2021 event is now open! Sign up to teach here!

Apply to be a Splash Leader

Splash leaders are an integral part of BC Splash. They help with logistics on the morning of Splash, lead small groups of students throughout the day, play games in the quad, and mentor the students at Splash. They also help with directions, student registration, and other tasks throughout the day. Check the register tab below to sign up!

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