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Major: Political Science

College/Employer: BC

Year of Graduation: 2019

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Understanding Music in Splash Spring 2017
This course will examine some of the fundamental questions of music, including how artists use techniques to assign meaning to music, the role music plays in culture, and the ways in which a listener can engage with it. We'll do some listening and plenty of discussion, and try to take a fresh perspective. No previous experience necessary

How to Take Great Photos with Anything! in Splash Fall 2016
Always wanted to take better pictures but never quite known how? Confused about how to take pictures that have that WOW effect? Don't have a top of the line camera (or any camera at all) but still want great results? This is the course for you. Two seasoned photographers will take you through tips, methods, and rules for creating great photographs. Whether you have a nice camera, your mom's old point and shoot, or just your cell phone, you'll get learn many of the styles pros, artists, and hobbyists use to create great images,

The Scatterbrain's Guide to High School in Splash Fall 2015
Ever been called disorganized, absent minded, or scattered? Always losing papers, misplacing your wallet, and fighting against the mess in your backpack or in your room? Learn some tips from a college student that survived high school disorganized