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Major: Environmental Studies

College/Employer: BC

Year of Graduation: 2019

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CV? What's a CV? in Splash Spring 2017
What's the difference between a Resume and a CV? What even is a CV? How long is that supposed to be? What's a cover letter? What do you put in a Resume? Had any of these questions? We'll answer them and more with tips and tricks to how we write Resumes and CVs for any situation, high school or college!

What the heck is a Koolakamba? in Splash Spring 2016
Well friend, a Koolakamba is a cryptid. Cryptids are a term used in cryptozoology to refer to a creature whose existence has been suggested but has never been given scientific credit. You don't have to believe in them, but it's always interesting to explore the histories and different forms of weird critters supposedly walking the Earth. Such entities include chupacabras, Bigfoot, Yeti, the Mokele Mmembe and the Loch Ness Monster.

The Truth About the Pacific Garbage Patch and Other Facts: Environmental Science 101 in Splash Spring 2016
Do you know the difference between the hole in the ozone layer and the green house effect? When you imagine the pacific garbage patch, do you think of a giant floating island of trash? This class will debunk some of the major myths surrounding environmental science. We will discuss issues such as the garbage island, the ozone layer, population control, the scientific debate over climate change, and the difference between weather and climate. Join us to get a better understanding of modern environmental science!

The Companions Behind The Doctor in Splash Fall 2015
Who are you in Doctor Who? Did you know that Doctor Who is the longest running television series in history? This class will explore the social implications of the Doctor's companions. Our main focus will be on the relationships between the companions and the Doctor as well as the message each companion's personality says about real life relationships. The class will have video clips and presentation, but we hope to also engage anyone attending in a fantastic dialogue. Stop on by and let your inner geek out!