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MADELINE MARSHALL, BC Senior studying Accounting and Justice Studies

Major: Accounting

College/Employer: BC

Year of Graduation: 2020

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My name is Madeline Marshall, and I am a current senior at Boston College, studying Accounting and minoring in Justice Studies. I love tap dancing and traveling - I studied abroad in Madrid, Spain last year! My favorite food is ice cream and I can eat a pint in under 10 minutes. Next year I will be working at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Boston, doing accounting advisory.

Past Classes

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C1935: The Art of Presentations: a presentation on how to give a presentation in BC_Splash Spring 2020 (Mar. 29, 2020)
Have you ever sat through a really boring presentation? Have you ever looked at a really dull power point slide deck? Have you ever been nervous to stand up in front of your peers and present? This course will be a guide to the dos and don'ts of giving a presentation. Knowing how to whip up an interesting and informative power point is a key to college and beyond! This course will dive into the art of impressing your professors, peers and employers with a rockin' presentation!