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Q2211: A Brief History of Cannibalism in Europe in Splash Spring 2023 (Mar. 26, 2023)
Throughout much of European history, there have been many instances of culturally normalized practices of cannibalism. However, with the rise of exotification that started during the Age of Exploration, European explorers often used cannibalism as a trope to present foreign peoples as inhuman monsters. From this centuries-long slander campaign, we have come to associate cannibalism with almost every corner of the world except Western Europe. During this class, I will provide a brief overview of the sordid and hypocritical history of European cannibals, from the blood drinkers of the Middle Ages to the medicinal mummy-eaters of the early twentieth century. I will also discuss how these practices compare and contrast to those of cannibals from other continents in terms of motivation and execution.