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DANIEL PAULOS, BC sophomore studying Finance and Info Systems!

Major: Finance & Information Systems

College/Employer: BC

Year of Graduation: 2019

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I have always wanted to be some sort of teacher. I am a passionate learner, and I would love to spread my knowledge to other kids. I'm extremely energetic and friendly, and I always pictured myself as that "cool teacher that all the kids look up to" growing up, and I plan to put my dream to reality. Kids are amazing to work with, my favorite job ever was volunteering at a summer camp to work with Autistic children. I plan a teaching style as a combination of passion, energy, and humor!

Past Classes

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Intro to Business and Business Philosophy in Splash Spring 2017
This course is designed for students who have an interest in business but do not know exactly what branch of business that they would like to study. This is totally a normal feeling to have - before coming to the Carroll School, I wasn't even sure what business was, let alone the differences between Accounting and Finance. This class is designed to give students knowledge about each branch of business and potential study in an energetic and interactive manner, so students can begin to have an idea of what areas of business they would like to study. This class will also include a brief exploration of business ethics and philosophy, looking at famous business philosophers such as Kant, Machiavelli, Carr, and others!

Intro to Business & Business Philosophy in Splash Fall 2016
This course is designed to give students an introduction into the huge realms of business. Many students do know they want to study business when they get older, but not many know what field they want to study. If you have an idea of what concentration(s) you may be interested, this could put yourself ahead of the game! This class also gives an introduction to business ethics and philosophy, and we will analyze together some of the most famous business philosophers to ever live, such as Immanuel Kant, Ayn Rand, and Aristotle.

Intro to Business & Business Philosophy in Splash Spring 2016
This course will be focused on ethics in business, and will examine major ethical frameworks in business for students who are planning on studying the many branches of business in college. The content will be based on knowledge from the class Portico at Boston College and research. It will also give a brief background to the many fields of business for students who are thinking about which concentrations to take!