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TINA TIAN, Australian junior exchange student at BC

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College/Employer: BC

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Currently on exchange from the University of Melbourne, Australia, I'm studying my final year of Commerce with double majors in marketing and finance. I've also taken extra curricular classes about a variety of topics including computing, Chinese, creative writing, law and music.

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A1765: Dance Appreciation and Musicality in Splash Spring 2018 (Mar. 25, 2018)
A (non-professional) beginner's session exploring the nuances of urban dance and all the flavour music has to offer. Anyone is welcome, doesn't matter if you've never wriggled your body or even watched a dance video in your life. We'll be going through videos of a variety of choreographers ranging from Sorah Yang to Dylan Morale and picking up on what makes their dance style unique. We'll also be unpacking the layers in a song that you are able to jam and groove to. There is no actual dancing included in this course