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ZARAH LAKHANI, BC Freshman studying Elementary Education

Major: Elementary Education

College/Employer: BC

Year of Graduation: 2024

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HI! I am a freshman at Boston College, double majoring in Elementary Education and Transformative Education (which is a new course regarding the education system and how it should change). I'm originally from Long Island, NY and I love being around kids. Back at home I worked at an after school center, volunteered at the Children's Museum and became certified as a chaplain! I can't wait to get to know you :)

Past Classes

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H2172: Foundations of Friendship in BC_Splash Spring 2022 (Apr. 10, 2022)
A course all about friendships, re-evaluating the friendships that are currently in your life and learning to make new ones.

A2058: Painting Away the Pain! in BC_Splash BC Splash Spring 2021 (Mar. 28, 2021)
Do you like to paint? Or talk? Come join as we talk about the education system as well as paint!

A2005: Painting Away the Pain in BC Splash Fall 2020 (Nov. 08, 2020)
An inside look at my experience in the American Education System while painting!