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RYAN BOTTARY, BC Cognitive Neuroscience PhD Student

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Ryan studies how the sleeping brain helps us learn and remember new bits of information and process difficult emotions. He uses brain imaging techniques to measure brain activity when we are awake, engaged in tasks and when we sleep. Ultimately, Ryan is interested in discovering sleep-related processes that contribute to disorders of emotion.

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S1883: Science of the Sleeping Brain in BC Splash Fall 2019 (Nov. 03, 2019)
Each night we will lose contact with the external world for about 8 hours and enter our own inner world of sleep. During sleep we will pass through many different brain states and may experience vivid and bizarre mental imagery. If we have obtained a sufficient amount of sleep, we will awaken the next day with better memory, improved mood and potentially better health. This class will cover the science of why we sleep and how we can use sleep to benefit almost all aspects of our physical and brain health.