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Major: English and Perspectives

College/Employer: BC

Year of Graduation: 2022

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Majoring in English, Philosophy in MCAS and Minoring in Managing for Social Impact and Public Good in CSOM; also involved with child psychology in LSOE. Currently writing for The Migrant, a London-based publication of empathy-driven research advocating for the rights of migrants and refugees. Willing to defend the merits of Hallmark movies, One Direction, Julie and the Phantoms, Percy Jackson, and swing dance for days.

Past Classes

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H2041: Foundations of Fantasy: Intro to Medieval Literature in BC_Splash BC Splash Spring 2021 (Mar. 28, 2021)
Have you ever wondered where J.R.R. Tolkien got the inspiration for Lord of the Rings? Or what Game of Thrones is really based on? Join us in our exploration of early medieval literature! We'll travel back in time to the 8th century AD in order to engage with characters whose mystique has captured readers' imaginations for ages. Get ready to meet Beowulf, Sir Gawain, and Merlin as you never have before!

X2042: folklore of Taylor Swift: Justice and Equity in 21st Century US Celebrity Culture in BC_Splash BC Splash Spring 2021 (Mar. 28, 2021)
"Dear John,” Have you considered that “the last great american dynasty,” “The Man,” and many other Taylor Swift songs share philosophical maxims on regional identity, gender relations, and wealth distribution, just to name a few? Let’s have fun breaking down the lyrics and context of some highlights of her fantastic career to consider what we can learn about social justice and advocacy within the complex realm of celebrity culture. Opinionated Swifties and opinionated non-Swifties welcome. Other topics mentioned within the course: One Direction and global celebrity mania, women in country music