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REEVE JACKSON, BC sophomore studying political science

Major: Poly sci

College/Employer: BC

Year of Graduation: 2022

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Hi, I am Reeve Jackson. I am majoring in Political Science with a minor in Spanish. I am graduating in 2022. I'm involved in the SAP in the transfer division.

Past Classes

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A1950: Therapeutic Drawing in BC_Splash Spring 2020 (Mar. 29, 2020)
This is a class for students to learn how to release and cope with stress through artwork (namely drawing). It will also include meditation tips and tricks!

X1905: Introduction to Tik Tok in BC Splash Fall 2019 (Nov. 03, 2019)
This is a class dedicated to studying the new social media app, Tik Tok, formerly known as Musical.ly. This class will be broken up into four parts: 1) looking at the different types of accounts and users 2) studying and analyzing the content of the videos 3) considering the background audio and making your own audio 4) making a group Tik Tok using all the knowledge we learned in class!