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LAUREN WHITE, BC freshman studying whatever I love

Major: political science/philosophy

College/Employer: BC

Year of Graduation: 2022

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I'm a freshman in BC's class of 2022 originally from Weatherford, Texas (near Dallas). Throughout high school and now college, I've been in love with both debate and philosophy. I currently have a triple major in political science, philosophy, and classical studies.

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H1813: Getting Out of the Cave: An Intro to Plato and his Arguments in Splash Spring 2019 (Apr. 07, 2019)
Philosophy is supposed to be for everyone, especially the youth, who even the greats like Socrates prioritized. Not only will you learn philosophic concepts to wow everyone, but you'll also learn new ideas and concepts to apply to your daily life. This course will introduce you to the ideas of Plato and Socrates through examining them crushing debate opponents and overall being sassy (like teenagers can be).