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Major: International Relations

College/Employer: BC

Year of Graduation: 2024

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W2235: Negotiation 101 in Splash Fall 2023 (Nov. 19, 2023)
Negotiations occur in every aspect of our lives. From the most mundane discussion to life-changing situations the ability to negotiate is crucial. In this class, we will go over the basic negotiation scenarios and strategies for navigating complex negotiations. We will go over a couple of case studies and at the end do a sample negotiation.

W2236: An Inevitable Defeat or a Good hand Poorly Played? Re-Examining America's War in Vietnam in Splash Fall 2023 (Nov. 19, 2023)
This course is taught by Rongwei Zhu. From 1964 to 1975, the United States found itself engaged in a long and costly war of attrition in the jungles of Southeast Asia. Having lost over 58,220 troops and spent over $176 billion on weapons and supplies, America was ultimately defeated. The Vietnam War, known to many as America's first and only humiliating defeat, went down in history as an infamous war of fire bombings, massacres, and defections. But was America bound to lose from the start? In this course, we take a brief look at the history of the Vietnam War and ask what YOU would do as President of the United States during this tumultuous decade.

W2237: The Evolution of Naval Aviation in Splash Fall 2023 (Nov. 19, 2023)
This course is taught by Ahura Shadfar. This course will explore the history of Naval Aviation by examining the evolution of planes and aviation system.

W2238: The Gift of Life: How to make everyda in Splash Fall 2023 (Nov. 19, 2023)
This course is taught by Austin Ginocchio. As these young students begin to enter adult life it can be easy to fall into a culture of pressure and purpose. This class is to take a breathe of fresh air from that life style and to dig deep into finding personal fulfillment in everyday life and better understand what it takes to love everyday and cherish every moment.

Q2207: The Forgotten War in Splash Spring 2023 (Mar. 26, 2023)
Sandwiched between the tumultuous World War II and the infamous Vietnam War, the Korean War often gets lost in history. The Korean War, however, was a pivotal turning point in world history. It marked the start of the Cold War and began America's continued presence in Asia. Previously considered a consequence of communist expansion, the Korean War is a far more complex story of domestic tensions, nationalism, and international intervention. In this class, we will look at the context surrounding the start of the Korean War and the lasting effects of the war.

H2148: Intro to International Relations in BC_Splash Spring 2022 (Apr. 10, 2022)
It's a crazy world we live in right now. Understanding international relations is a complex and imperfect science, but we can try. This course will cover the basic theories of international relations and we will try and analyze what is going on in the world.

H2103: Is Ignorance actually Bliss? in BC Splash Fall 2021 (Nov. 14, 2021)
This course will look at philosophical questions posed by Plato's Allegory of the Cave debate whether knowledge is actually worth pursuing.

X2073: A History of Sneakers: How Sneaker Culture Changed Fashion. in BC_Splash BC Splash Spring 2021 (Mar. 28, 2021)
Over the past century, sneakers have become an ever more important part of modern fashion, with prices skyrocketing into the thousands. This course will examine how sneaker culture, especially during the late 20th century and 21st century, has changed how we dress and view the most utilitarian part of our attire.